My name is Arnaud Carré. I also use the nickname Leonard from Oxygene in the demoscene micro society. Serious things started when I learned assembly programming and founded the “Oxygene” demo crew with good friends around 1990 (yes you can call me boomer)
For a living I’m currently a graphics engineer at Unity, mostly working with modern hardware and GPU. In my spare time I still enjoy programming demo effects or tools for retro computers such as Atari ST and Amiga 500.

I think these two worlds (retro & modern) have a lot in common. Modern techniques could be applied efficiently in the retro world, and vice versa.

This is what I want to focus on in my blog.

I did various stuff released in some public github repos

Despite Elon, I’m from time to time on Twitter

During years I released plenty of demos (you can see a list on

I also have a 30 years old web site for boomers